Monday, March 23, 2009

Mu Dung San BBQ

I took some friends to AYCE Korean BBQ for lunch this past weekend. I decided to take them to Mu Dang San, my last visit there was good and the price is right. We arrived at a little past noon and the restaurant was mostly empty. We order the all you can eat for $16.99 each. The panchan was nothing spectacular, but I really like the Gaeran Jim they serve (Steamed Egg), a great way to start the meal. We ordered the standards, Galbi, Bulgogi and the marinated chicken to start off. I was really impressed with the Galbi on this visit. The cuts were thicker then usual, the bulgogi and chicken were also very tasty. One of my favorite things about Mu Dang San is their duk bo sam (rice noodle wrappers), a nice change of pace from rice. Wrapping the grilled meat with sliced jalapenos and pickeled bean sprouts or cucumbers is amazing.

Our meal continued with more Galbi, BBQ Pork and Beef Stomach. Everything was great and we left completely stuffed. AYCE Korean BBQ is fun, delicious and affordable, not to mention everybody loves it. Look forward to trying, Parks BBQ and ChoSan Galbi.

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