Saturday, May 14, 2011

Son of a Gun

sonofagun 2

Delicious, simple, creative and fun. This is how I would describe the food and atmosphere of this place. The first thing I would recommend is sitting at the communal table. Twenty two seats available for walk-ins only. So be patient, go for a walk and wait for some seats to open.

sonofagun 7

We were seated at the end of the table, it was crowded but the energy was contagious. As we reviewed the menu, we could see all of the other dishes being ordered by our table mates. We started our meal with the shrimp toast sandwich and mussels. Both were delicious, the mussels were removed from their shells and submerged in the tarragon, fennel and pernod sauce. This was the best mussel dish I had in a long time. The shrimp toast sandwich was spicy, rich and full of flavor. The bread was fried in butter.

sonofagun 3

For the next round we needed something to break-up the richness of the first two dishes. We ordered the hiramasa and the fried chicken sandwich. The hiramasa was fresh and light, very subtle in flavors. The fried chicken sandwich has changed my impression of every chicken sandwich I have ever eaten and will ever eat. The combination of the spicy slaw, rooster aioli, buttery toasted brioche and the most tender, juicy and crispy chicken, was truly amazing.

sonofagun 4

sonofagun 5

I didn't know if I should eat anything else after that sandwich, I thought I should end the meal on a high note. But since we had split all of the items between three people, I was still hungry.

sonofagun 6

So for our final round we ordered the brandade with soft egg. And just when I thought the fried chicken sandwich was unbeatable, in comes the brandade. Another amazing dish, simple, luscious and rich.

Cannot wait for my next visit to this place.

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