Friday, April 11, 2008

Mastro's Leftovers - Stuffed Again!

I had quite a bit of the prime rib leftover from the other night, at least 2/3. So, I decided to make a steak sandwich for lunch. I bought a hoagie roll from the local deli and dug out the center. As I sliced the prime rib, I toasted the roll. I made a garlic aioli with horseradish and brought some mixed greens from home.

I placed the sliced prime rib on the roll and back into the toaster oven. After a few mintutes, I removed the roll from the oven and added the aioli and greens. The greens wilted nicely from the heat of the sandwich. This thing was pretty big, it was a footlong roll and there was about 16oz of meat. I ate the whole thing...

I'm as full as I was the night of the meal, but it was so good. I need to run it off tonight, otherwise I may die in my sleep.

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