Thursday, April 17, 2008

Pookies - Thai in Westlake Village

Good Thai food in Westlake Village? It does it exist. I went to Pookies for the first time tonight with a friend. I had heard about this place and read a few reviews, so I was looking forward to the experience.

Pookies is located in a business complex, an unusual place for a restaurant. But they have been there for several years. The location is actually pretty nice. There is a nice pond and outside tables. With all of the businesses closed in the evening, it was quite serene.
I ordered a Thai Iced Tea and my friend had a Singha. For dinner we had the Monsoon Spicy Noodles, which in most Thai restaurants would be Pad Kee Mao, with chicken, Jade Curry and "Hot Stuff" aka Larb Gai. The names of all the dishes were a bit disappointing. I say stick with the traditional names. All the dishes were good, but I especially liked the Jade Curry, which was a green coconut curry with chicken and vegetables. None of the dishes were as spicy as I had hoped, but the condiments helped. I also thought the portions were a bit small.

Overall Pookies is a good Thai food restaurant in the Westlake Village area. I definitely plan on going again.

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