Thursday, January 20, 2011


9021Pho 3

It's only been open a couple of weeks, so they may be still trying to get their act together. But for now, this will not be on my list for Pho options.

My review is based on two separate visits, the first visit was solo and I sat at the bar. The was during their first week being open. The restaurant was pretty empty when I arrived. I ordered a "33" which is a Vietnamese beer and a bowl of "Pho Bo" with beef tendon added on.

After my order was placed I watched the kitchen in action. It seemed like many of the kitchen staff were being trained throughout the night. I watched as the owner Kimmy Tang instructed the line cook how to prepare a fish dish and each cook checking with Kimmy on the preparation. This was a good sign, quality control.

9021Pho 2

What was not a good sign, was the confusion with the servers and the timing on the delivery of the meals. I was told many of the servers were from the existing restaurant, which was a Wolfgang Puck Bistro. They did not seem to have very much knowledge about the menu or Vietnamese food in general.

When my bowl of pho arrived it smelled good, the greens that came with the noodles were bruised and could have been fresher considering the prices. The noodles seemed to overcooked, as was the meat. The broth was the only thing that was decent. I talked to the cooks and they mentioned that there was no MSG used in the broth, which was nice.

On my next visit, I had the Prawns with Green Papaya Salad. It was okay, but for $17, I expected a lot more flavor, not to mention shrimp.

My biggest issue which was not a surprise, was the cost. I understand this restaurant is in Westlake Village, but $22 for a beer and a bowl of pho, is not within my budget. I would much rather drive 10 more miles and have better food at cheaper prices.

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