Sunday, January 23, 2011


My first visit to Gjelina, I'd heard so much about and I really like the Abbott Kinney area. We tried showing up on a Friday night at around 8pm. We were told it would be an hour wait. So we had a few drinks at The Brig, we waited an hour and came back.

They seated us at one of the tables near the charcuterie bar. It was dark and noisy, but the overall ambience was casual and fun. We ordered the brussels sprouts, goat cheese, mushroom and truffle oil pizza, charcuterie plate and pork belly with polenta.

The brussels sprouts were delicious, perfectly charred and the bacon and dates worked together so well. The charcuterie plate was okay, there was not enough toast, pickles or mustard. The pizza and pork belly were both delicious, but the star was the brussels sprouts.

Looking forward to my next visit to try out more menu items.

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