Thursday, July 28, 2011

Bouchon - Bastille Day 2011

Celebrating Bastille Day at Bouchon, I like it!

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The courtyard outside Bouchon is beautiful. We arrived early to enjoy some drinks at the Bouchon Bar. The patio was full of people enjoying classic French dishes, oysters, steak tartar, escargot, etc...

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We walked up to the restaurant located on the second floor and we were seated immediately. I had been to the Bouchon in Las Vegas, the design and layout of the BH location is similar, but quite a bit smaller.

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bastilleday_2011_bouchon 11

We ordered several starters escargot, foie gras terrine with sauterne gelee, heirloom tomato salad, goat cheese with frisee salad and oysters. Each dish was simple, but had amazingly fresh ingredients. My only criticism would be that the sauterne gelee was too sweet for me.

bastilleday_2011_bouchon 16

Our table did an amazing job of ordering a variety of dishes and it wasn't even planned. I had the a Bastille Day special Truffle Risotto, which was piled high with shaved white truffles over a rich risotto. It was a bit too thick, but the rice was not overcooked. Other dishes were the Moules au Safran, Gnocchi à la Parisienne, Truite aux Amandes, Steak Frites and Salmon served with vegetables. I sampled the dishes and everything was good. But because it's Bouchon, the expectations are high and so are the prices. The experience with friends is priceless, but similar to my experience at Bouchon Las Vegas, I was expecting the food to have a "wow" factor and it was just good.

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