Sunday, July 3, 2011

Village Idiot


It was July 4th weekend and I expected lunch here to be crowded. It wasn't, got seated right away. A DJ was playing some good tunes and the menu looked interesting.

One dish jumped out at me, it was a sandwich. The ingredients were as follows: cannellini beans, goat jack cheese, pickled jalapenos, arugula and a chipotle tomato sauce for dipping. All of these ingredients sound good together and very different from anything I've had before. I asked how the beans were prepared and they told me it was like a "patty". I decided to add a fried egg to this sandwich.

When the sandwich arrived the first thing I noticed was the bread. It wasn't a crusty artisan style roll, but more like the hoagie rolls you can get at the market. I prefer a bit of a crust. The cannellini beans were more like a spread than a patty. But the overall taste wasn't bad. I could have used more pickled jalapeno, but I liked the unique flavors and creativity behind it.

The atmosphere is nice during the day with large windows and the service was attentive. The cocktails we had were also decent.

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